Restaurants In Evora

Best Restaurants In Evora

Did you know, Evora, the capital of the Alentejo region, is a must-visit place for foodies in Portugal? Its unique cuisine has been developed from the creativity of the rural farmers and natural ingredients. You will also find wines, olive oil, cheese, Alentejo bread and the famous black Portuguese pork here. Thus we have listed the Best Restaurants In Evora for you to experience the goodness.

1. Salsa Verde

This is a vegetarian Restaurant. An amazing twist is given here to traditional Alentejan dishes such as the famous bread dish, migas, prepared with mushrooms. Vegan foodies should definitely visit here.


2. Momentos

This Restaurant serves you with changing blackboard menus each night. Here you’ll find flavor-packed organic vegetables accompanying black pork, oven-baked lamb and other treaties.

3. Luar de Janeiro

You will be amazed by Luar de Janeiro’s attentive service and dishes made with the fresh and top-quality ingredients. People love the first-rate presunto (ham), delectable cabrito assado no forno and a delicious, risotto-like arroz de bacalhau here.


4. Dom Joaquim

Dom Joaquim is put up in a renovated building with stone walls and modern artwork. You will love the fine dining it offers, in a contemporary setting. The chef serves superb traditional cuisine including meats and seafood dishes, such as caçao.

5. Chão das Covas

This friendly restaurant serves you with delicious home-cooked Alentejan classics  as well as petiscos like fried squid, roasted peppers, cheese platters, etc.


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