Best Places to Visit in Vigo

Best Places to Visit in Vigo: Castro Fortress, Parque del Monte Castro, Cies Islands, Beaches on the Cies Islands, Casco Vello.

Castro Fortress

Surely the best introduction to the city and its epic landscapes is to survey them from the granite walls of this 17th-century fortress.

Parque del Monte Castro

The park around the fort isn’t so much an urban pleasure garden as a wild mountain right in the middle of the city.

Cies Islands

Allow a day or two for this stunning uninhabited archipelago that sits at the entrance to the Vigo Estuary.

Beaches on the Cies Islands

The Cies Islands’ beaches deserve another entry, because you may not encounter more exquisite bays anywhere in the world.

Casco Vello

Vigo’s old-town is set on a slope that meets the estuary at the old port, with alleys that lead onto handsome arcaded squares like Praza da Constitución.