Best Places to visit and Things to Do in Leoben

Best Places to visit and Things to Do in Leoben: Goesser Braumuseum, Massenburg, Schwammerlturm, Lavanttal Alps, Pestsaule Leoben.

Enjoy Styrian delights at the Arkadenhof restaurant

This self-styled brewery restaurant is located on the same side of the Hauptplatz as the Steinscherer café but mainly concentrates on dining and beer as opposed to coffee and cake.


The Massenburg is the ruins of the old dimensions castle which is situated on top of a hill just a short walk from City town centre.


The Schwammerlturm is a medieval tower that has stood for countless years and is one of the most famous buildings in City.

Lavanttal Alps

This stunning mountain range is part of the Central Eastern Alps that span both Austria and Slovenia and lie between the river Mur and Drava.

Pestsaule Leoben

This stunning monument is located in the main town square and stands as a wonderful tribute to citizens who survived the plague during the Middle Ages.