Best Places to Visit and Things to do in Brescia

Best Places to Visit and Things to do in Brescia: Piazza del Foro, Tempio Capitolino, Brescia Museum of Art and History, Duomo Nuovo, Broletto.

Piazza del Foro

This small square is one of the oldest parts of the city and the Roman influence is easy to see as you walk down the cobbled street.

Tempio Capitolino

Located in the aforementioned Piazza del Foro, the Capitoline Temple is a Roman structure and complex and is one of the most important examples of Roman architecture in Northern Italy.

Brescia Museum of Art and History

Located on the aptly named Via dei Musei, the Civici Musei Storia Santa Giulia is housed in an old monastery and combines the beauty of an old building together with a fantastic and interesting set of museum exhibitions and displays.

Duomo Nuovo

Standing right next to the old Cathedral, the Duomo Nuovo (New Cathedral) provides a stark contrast and is a truly opulent and richly decorated religious structure.


Another fine building located in the Piazza Paolo, the Broletto was the old town hall of Brescia and has stood since the 12th century.