Visit in Stuttgart

Best Places to Visit in Stuttgart

Stuttgart is the capital city of Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany and has a reputation among Germans as a city full of well-dressed and extremely competitive professionals. Top 5 Best Places to Visit In Stuttgart.

1. Mercedes Benz Museum

This museum is somewhat of a pilgrimage site for car enthusiasts – and it’s no wonder. Every floor of the building, which in itself is a remarkable feat of engineering, pays homage to one of the most beautiful and influential cars ever built.

2. Wilhelma Zoo And Botanical Gardens

In Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Gardens, you can achieve a feeling of complete relaxation, while also being thoroughly entertained.

3. Stuttgart City Library

Stuttgart City Library is so far removed from the various library clichés with its marvelous, minimalist approach to decoration and books from all different authors and printers from around the world on all subjects conceivable.

4. Sepulchral Chapel

A beautiful and understated building in Stuttgart with a tragic story.

5. Schloss Solitude

Stuttgart Palace, also known as The Schloss of Solitude, is a glorious place to visit on the outskirts of Stuttgart and fascinating in-depth tours inside the building are available regularly.