Best Places to visit in Segovia

Best Places to visit in Segovia: Ancient Roman Aqueduct, Alcázar, Catedral de Segovia, Monasterio del Parral, Casa de los Picos.

Ancient Roman Aqueduct

The Roman aqueduct is the symbol of Segovia and forms a magnificent backdrop for the historic city.


With its Disneyland-like turreted towers, this castle makes a fairy-tale impression. The fortress stands majestically above the city on a steep-sided rocky crag.

Catedral de city

This imposing Late Gothic cathedral stands at the highest point of the Old Town dominating its surroundings.

Monasterio del Parral

In a picturesque setting of rolling hills outside the historic center of city, this 15th-century monastery is a peaceful retreat in nature.

Casa de Los Picos

This 15th-century aristocratic mansion is renowned for its striking facade resembling a coat of armor, with a relief of pyramid-shaped granite blocks.