Visit in Salamanca

Best Places to Visit in Salamanca

Best Places to Visit in Salamanca are Salamanca University, Patio de Escuelas, Plaza Mayor, atedral Vieja de Santa María de la Sede, Catedral Nueva.

1. Salamanca University

In the historic center of town is the world-famous Salamanca University, founded in 1218 as the first university in Spain and modeled after the University of Bologna in Italy.

2. Patio de Escuelas

Graced with elegant Renaissance and Baroque buildings, this magnificent courtyard has the characteristic ambience of Salamanca.

3. Plaza Mayor


This beautiful public square at the heart of Salamanca is considered one of the grandest plazas in Spain.

4. Catedral Vieja de Santa María de la Sede

The oldest Christian monument in Salamanca, the Old Cathedral was built between 1100 and 1200.

5. Catedral Nueva

Presiding over the town from a commanding hilltop location, the New Cathedral is a monumental building that outshines the Old Cathedral in size and Gothic grandeur, although not in history.