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Best Places to Visit in Matera

Best Places to Visit in Matera: Sassi of Matera – Ancient town, Matera’s Cathedral, The natural areas of Matera, Rupestrian churches in Matera, The Crypt of the Original Sin of Matera.

Sassi of Matera – Ancient town

The ancient village dug into the calcareous rock, on the side of the Gravina Valley, in 1993 has been declared Unesco’s World Heritage.

Matera’s Cathedral

On the top of the hill, Civitas hill, there’s the Cathedral which offers an amazing view of the “Sasso Barisano”.

The natural areas of Matera

Nature reserves, parks, wildlife sanctuaries that characterize the whole territory of Basilicata region is a characteristic mixture between nature and culture.

Rupestrian churches in Matera

Churches date back mostly to the Middle Ages, when monasticism made some room in the Christian communities of the time and Benedictine and Byzantine monks began to settle in the caves of the Gravina transforming them into prayers centers.

The Crypt of the Original Sin of Matera

A few kilometers from Matera, along the wall of the Gravina di Picciano you can find the Crypt of the Original Sin.