visit in Lille

Best Places to visit in Lille

Best Places to visit in Lille are General-de-Gaulle, La Vieille Bourse, Voix du La Nord, Opera de Lille, Chamber of Commerce.

1. General-de-Gaulle

The main architectural attractions in Lille are centered around the main square, otherwise known as Place du Général-de-Gaulle or the Grand Place.

2. La Vieille Bourse

La Vieille Bourse is the old stock exchange built in 1653.

3. Voix du La Nord

This means ‘The Voice of the North’ and is Lille’s local newspaper.

4. Opera de Lille

Lille Opera House was built between 1907 and 1913.

5. Chamber of Commerce

Built-in 1910 and with a beautiful 76-metre high belfry.