Visit in Leipzig

Best Places to Visit in Leipzig

Leipzig is a place with lots to do and a pretty splendid multicultural scene. You Planning for Visit In Leipzig? Check out the post about what to do in Leipzig.

1. Leipzig Market Square

The Leipzig Market Square marks the old city center. The massive space is nearly a hectare in area, and it contains several shops and restaurants.

2. Monument to the Battle of the Nations

Leipzig’s Monument to the Battle of the Nations was erected in 1913 in celebration of 100 years since Napoleon’s defeat and retreat from Germany.

3. Check out Leipzig’s beautiful churches

Amongst other historic buildings, Leipzig’s churches are known to stand out. St. Thomas Church and St. Nicholas Church, are the two most noteworthy and worth seeing.

4. Auerbach’s Cellar

Bach and Martin Luther weren’t the only German historical figures with important connections to Leipzig.

5. Museum der Bildenden Künste

Often regarded as an up-and-coming city with an emerging arts scene, no trip to Leipzig would be complete without a look around at some of its most reputable galleries, museums, and other art venues.