Best Places to Visit in Kavala

Best Places to Visit in Kavala: Philippi Archaeological Site, The Castle of Kavala, The Kamares Aqueduct, Imaret, Archaeological Museum of Kavala.

1. Philippi Archaeological Site

The ancient city of Philippi, an important archaeological site in Eastern Macedonia, was colonized by the people of the island of Thasos, who established the city of Krinides in 360 BC.

2. The Castle of Kavala

It is said that city has always been a highly fortified city since the 5th century BC and its castle of imposing stature has been rebuilt and reinforced several times, notably by the Byzantines before its destruction in 1391 before the Ottoman Empire took control of the city.

3. The Kamares Aquaduct

Built-in 1550 by Suleiman the Magnificent, this imposing structure dominating the city center used to supply the city with water.

4. Imaret

A beautiful example of Ottoman architecture, the Imaret was built in 1817 by Mohamed Ali Pasha to serve as an educational center.

5. Archaeological Museum of city

This museum opened in 1934 and has occupied its current location since 1964.