Best Places to Visit in Colombia

Colombia has something that will please most explorers, from sandy beaches of the Caribbean and Pacific coasts to the Andes Mountains and the Amazon rainforests.Its heritage reflects the culture of its indigenous peoples as well as the Spanish who began settling here in the early 15th century.An overview of the best places to An overview of the best places to visit in Colombia:


Popayan is one of Colombia’s most great provincial urban communities. Situated in southwestern Colombia, it is some of the time called the “Ciudad Blanca” (White City) since its structures are chalk-white. Established in 1537.


All through the 1990s, Medellín was viewed as a standout amongst the riskiest urban areas on the planet, home to Colombia’s notorious cocaine cartel.But when drug lord Pablo Escobar was snuffed out in 1993, Medellín started to cover its pained past and bounced back immensely. Nowadays, the expanding number of traveler who comes here locate an enticing, current city with one of the nation’s best atmospheres.

3.San Andres y Providencia

San Andrés and Providencia Archipelago are two island bunches that are found nearer to Nicaragua than Colombia in the Caribbean. San Andres is the biggest island, and furthermore the capital.

4.San Agustin

San Agustin is a laidback little town encompassed by wonderful scenes and the remaining parts of an overlooked human advancement. A standout amongst the fascinating antiquated destinations in Colombia, the archeological stop of San Agustin is home to more than 500 stone monuments, statues, petroglyphs, and sarcophagi.

5. Zona Cafetera

Voyagers who cherish their java will need to visit Zona Cafeteria (Eje Cafetero) where half of Colombia’s espresso edit is developed on the inclines of the Andes. Guests can take in more about espresso at El Parque del Café, a recreation center that has a greenhouse with espresso plants and an event congregation.