Visit in Cologne

Best Places to Visit in Cologne

Cologne is multifaceted city. At a glance, it is a vibrant, modern metropolis sprawled across the river Rhine; at a second look, it is a city boasting a 2000-year history stretching back to its days as an important Roman city. Top 5 Places To Visit In Cologne.

1. Marvel at Cologne Cathedral

The epitome of high gothic architecture, Cologne Cathedral’s immense size is accentuated by the two soaring towers which dominate the skyline, making it the largest cathedral in the world.

2. Feel the love on ‘Padlock Bridge’

If you walk towards the river from the Cathedral, you’ll find one of Cologne’s more unusual attractions – Hohenzollern Bridge, dubbed ‘Padlock Bridge’.

3. Museums, museums, and more museum

Without a doubt, Cologne is a cultural city boasting a total of 36 museums and over 100 galleries – enough to satisfy even the most avid of culture-enthusiasts.

4. Sample the famous Kölsh

The city’s favourite tipple is Kölsh – possibly the only drink in the world which is also a language.

5. Bag a bargain in the Belgian Quarter

The most popular shopping streets in Cologne are Schildergasse and Hohe Straße, but if you want to venture away from the crowds, head to the Belgian Quarter.