San Sebastian

Best Places to visit in San Sebastian

Best Places to visit in San Sebastian are Beautiful Beach of La Concha, Ondarreta, Museo de San Telmo, Parte Vieja, Miramar Royal Palace.

1. The Seaside Elegance and Beautiful Beach of La Concha

The picture-perfect white sand beach of the Bahía de la Concha (Bay of Concha) is the most iconic sight in San Sebastian.

2. Playa de Ondarreta

Ondarreta Beach is a lively beach that swells with holiday goers during summertime. On the Bahía de la Concha, the Playa de Ondarreta borders Monte Igueldo and the grounds of the Palacio de Miramar.

3. Museo de San Telmo

The Museo de San Telmo is an exceptional museum devoted to the cultural heritage of the Basque country.

4. Parte Vieja (Old Town)

The historic Old Town of San Sebastian is north of the Alameda del Boulevard extending to Monte Urgull with the arcaded Plaza de la Constitución at its center.

5. Miramar Royal Palace

This English Tudor-style palace was designed in 1888 by architect Selden Wornum of England but was completed by Benito Olasagasti.