Best Places to Visit in Ronda

Best Places to Visit in Ronda: Puente Nuevo, Plaza de Toros, Moorish Baths, La Ciudad: The Old Moorish Town, House of the Moorish King.

1. Puente Nuevo

The Puente Nuevo is the most emblematic monument of Ronda. Built in 1788, the bridge is a feat of engineering and a masterpiece of stone masonry.

2. Plaza de Toros

The second oldest bullfighting ring in Spain, the Plaza de Toros is a living testament to the region’s most famous custom.

3. Moorish Baths

A hidden treasure of Ronda, these 13th- to 15th-century thermal baths are considered the best-preserved Moorish Baths in Spain.

4. La Ciudad: The Old Moorish Town

The old Moorish town is the soul of Ronda with its historic squares, narrow pedestrian streets and charming whitewashed houses.

5. House of the Moorish King

Despite its name, the Casa del Rey Moro was never the home of a Moorish King.