Visit in Dusseldorf

Best Places to Visit in Dusseldorf

From amazing art and architecture to word class shopping, here is an overview of Düsseldorf’s most interesting things to see. How we Rank Best Places to Visit in Dusseldorf.

1. Altstadt

The heart of Düsseldorf lies in its Altstadt (Old Town). Set between the shopping boulevard Königsallee and the river Rhine, the Altstadt is the perfect starting point to explore and to get a feeling for the city.

2. MedienHafen

Düsseldorf’s former industrial harbor has been turned into a playground for contemporary architects such as David Chipperfield or Claude Vasconi; the post-modern buildings, most notably Frank O.

3. Konigsallee

Before New York’s 5th avenue, there was Königsallee. From Prada and Gucci, to Tiffany’s and Louis Vuitton, you can drop some serious cash here.

4. Rhine River Promenade

To get from the Old Town to the new Media Harbor, I recommend you walk along the paved Rhine River promenade.

5. Nordpark & other city parks

This is one of Düsseldorf’s most popular parks. Its 90 acre expanse make it one of the largest parks and most serene spaces in the city.