Best Places to visit and Top Things to do in Zug Switzerland

Best Places to visit and Top Things to do in Zug Switzerland: Gasthaus Rathauskeller, Zytturm, Wirtshaus Brandenberg, Landsgemeindeplatz, Kunsthaus Zug.

Gasthaus Rathauskeller

You can’t miss the late-Gothic Rathauskeller’s frescoed veneer close to the Zytturm. The ground floor bistro serves magnificent top of the line goes up against exemplary neighborhood fixings, while the wash upstairs eatery, Zunftstube, has creaky floors, plated Rosenthal ceramics and rarities, for example, lobster ragout with summer truffles.


Zug’s Old Town is a medieval time capsule. It starts at the town’s emblem, the Zytturm, whose distinctive roof is tiled in blue-and-white cantonal colors.

Wirtshaus Brandenberg

For sensible Swiss works of art at sensible costs, local people have been running to this brew corridor since 1891. It’s dearest for its lunch menus and for comfort nourishment like dish chicken, weisswurst and Hacktätschli (seared meatballs). It’s a 10-minute walk west of the prepare station.


This mainstream waterfront square, encompassed by bistros and eateries, is generally noteworthy as People’s Assemblies occurred here from the fourteenth century until 1847. Markets and celebrations are additionally held here, and in addition, outdoors shows on Wednesday nights in summer.

Kunsthaus Zug

The local art museum holds a superb collection of Viennese modernist works by Klimt, Kokoschka and Schiele. There are also regular high-profile temporary exhibitions.

Museum Burg Zug

Zug’s town museum, housed in an 11th-century castle, displays paintings, costumes and a 3D model of the town, plus special themed exhibitions. It’s an excellent introduction to Zug – and the town’s past tendency to partially sink into the lake.