Best Places to visit and Top Things to do in Tournai

Tournai is a city in western Belgium, near the French border. It’s known for the huge Cathedral of Notre-Dame, with 5 towers and a rose window. Famed for its many beautiful architectures, Tournai, Belgium was captured by King Henry VIII, leaving this city with the unique label as the only one in Belgium that was once under British rule.

Visit the city’s UNESCO #1 World Heritage Site

The Cathedral of Our Lady is one of the most striking architectural marvels you’ll encounter in Tournai, offering a mix of Romanesque and Gothic designs.

Tour the Museum of Natural History of city

Built in 1828, the Museum of Natural History of city is the first that was made accessible to the public. Famous figures like Leopold I and Bartholomew Du Mortier. The cathedral has 700-year-old murals and paintings like The Raising of the Cross by renowned artist Peter Paul Rubens.

Visit the city’s UNESCO #2 World Heritage Site

One of a set in Belgium and France registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Belfry of Tournai is Belgium’s oldest, standing at 72 meters (240 feet) in height and taking 257 steps to reach the top. The tower, which is of medieval origin, has four towerlets, each of which has a soldier statue and a dragon icon around it.

Attend the annual International Folklore Festival

Should you be planning to be in city, be sure to check the dates for the annual International Folklore Festival.

Appreciate fine art

Built by art nouveau architect Victor Horta, the Museum of Fine Arts’ first exhibits were all thanks to Henri Van Cutsem, a rich art collector who offered his collections to the city in 1904. Among some of the collection the museum holds today are paintings from the 15th century to 17th and 18th-century masterpieces from artists like Peter Paul Rubens, Jean-Antoine Watteau, and Jacob Jordaens.