Best Places to Visit and Top things to do in Birgu

Best Places to Visit and Top things to do in Birgu: Osteria VE, Fort St Angelo, Inquisitor’s Palace, Malta at War Museum, Maritime Museum.

Osteria VE

This lovely restaurant is tucked away down a Birgu backstreet in a 17th-century townhouse and is run by a convivial Venetian pair, doing what Italians do best.

Fort St Angelo

The Knights took over this medieval fort in 1530 and strengthened it – Fort St Angelo served as the residence of the Grand Master of the Order until 1571 and was the headquarters of la Valette during the Great Siege.

Inquisitor’s Palace

The Inquisitor’s Palace was built in the 1530s and served as law courts until the 1570s when it became the tribunal (and prison) of the Inquisition, whose task it was to find and suppress heresy.

Malta at War Museum

This museum, housed in a wartime police station and the labyrinthian tunnels that lie beneath it, pays testament to Malta’s pivotal part in WWII and brings vividly to life the suffering of the Islanders.

Maritime Museum

The old naval bakery, built in the 1840s and operating until the 1950s, now houses a wealth of material on Malta’s maritime past.