Best Places to visit and Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Delaware

The first state to ratify the constitution back in 1787 was Delaware. With only 1,900 square miles of real estate, it still manages to pack quite a bit of action in. Nicknamed the Diamond state when Thomas Jefferson described it as a jewel due to its location, Delaware is filled with moments you’ll treasure. It has history, beaches, family fun, amazing craft beers, and all the Mid-Atlantic coastal charm you could want.

Wilmington Riverfront District

Located on the lovely Christina River, the Riverfront District is a redevelopment success story. Beautifully combining history and modern attractions like sports, entertainment, fine dining, and shopping, the area is not to be missed.

Cape May-Lewes Ferry

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry connects New Jersey and Delaware. It’s quite possibly the most relaxing experience that Delaware has to offer. The ferry brings you past stunning lighthouses, exotic seabirds, picturesque harbours, and maybe even a dolphin family.

The Grand Opera House

A magnificent restored late 19th century Victorian theatre is now home to the Grand Opera House. Located in Wilmington, the opera house has seen Victorian melodramas, vaudeville, burlesque, symphonies, musicals, and, of course, opera. Today the venue focuses on dance and classical symphonies, but the history of the grand opera is still on full display.

The Air Mobility Command Museum

Originally a World War II military base, the Air Mobility Command Museum is now home to 30 vintage planes. They showcase airlifting, air refuelling, planes from the 1940’s. You can see a C130 Hercules, a C-141B Starlifter, helicopters, fighters, a presidential aircraft, a bomber, and more.

The Delmarva Peninsula

This small peninsula on the east coast has three state lines. Occupied mostly by Delaware, drive down it, and you will also cross into Maryland and Virginia. Thus, its name: Del-Mar-Va. Technically an island after the development of the Chesapeake, the culture on Delmarva is distinctly different from the rest of the Mid-Atlantic.