Best Places to Visit and Things to do in Ath

Best Places to Visit and Things to do in Ath: Kasteel van Ooidonk, Mons, Grand Place, Pairi Daiza Zoo and Botanical Garden, Pairi Daiza Zoo and Botanical Garden. Ath is a Belgian municipality located in the Walloon province of Hainaut. The Ath municipality includes the old communes of Lanquesaint, Irchonwelz, Ormeignies, Bouvignies, Ostriches, Rebaix, Maffle.
From antiquated landmarks and medieval places of worship to world-class exhibition halls and top of the line boutiques, it’s difficult to get exhausted in Athens. One of the principle motivations to visit is to meander the Acropolis and Ancient Agora, investigating their dazzling remains, including the Parthenon, Erechtheion and the Temple of Hephaestus.

Kasteel van Ooidonk

A fortress originally built in the 1200s to protect the city of Gent, it had been destroyed a couple of times but rebuilt for the last time after it burned down in 1579. Ooidonk Castle is a castle in the city of Deinze, East Flanders, Belgium. The castle is the residence of the current Count t’Kint de Roodenbeke. Ooidonk Castle is situated at an altitude of 11 meters


A criterion is to a Belgian is what McDonald’s is to an American! Scattered around the country you often come across these friteries which sell as they main item “fries”. They’re also called “Pommes Frites” since they are made of potatoes.

Grand Place

Every year in the merry month of May you can find me in the main square in Mons partaking in the annual Beerfest. Well, I say annual but really they tend to have impromptu beerfests there and about from time to time as well.

Pairi Daiza Zoo and Botanical Garden

A former Cistercian Abbey doesn’t seem a likely place to find elephants, giraffes and cheetahs, but that’s exactly where you’ll find Pairi Daiza Zoo and Botanical Garden.

Charles Tondreau Stadium

There is nothing quite like soccer in Europe and the small city of Mons has a pretty decent team with very passionate fans.