Best Europe Cities to Visit in Winter

Europe is ravishing – in winter and summer, throughout the entire year. Try to know where to visit. We are Europeans and we’ve visited the enormous urban areas and concealed pearls at various occasions of year.

Canary Island

European winter destination is Canary Islands. Although, geographically speaking, it is Africa, the Canary Islands are part of the kingdom of Spain. Enjoy warm weather, long beaches and amazing Spanish culture.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is also a fantastic choice during the colder month. July and August are the busiest months, it is tourist-packed over summer. In winter you can enjoy the city at a slower pace. Soak in the culture, and get lost in the culinary scene and nightlife. In the area around Lisbon you can also go surfing all year long. A wet suite is necessary though, but your surf school will share the required details.

Granada – Sweet sun & Alhambra Aura

Granada in winter is COLD!
However, Granada is sunny all year long. It stands out like a painting. The old town Albaicín climbs up the mountain, the majestic Alhambra rules the panoramic view from every point in the city. In the background, you see the snow covered peaks of Sierra Nevada.

Sevilla (Sun, culture, food)

A short train ride away from Granada, in direction Lisbon, this is Sevilla. The capital of Andalusia is Sevilla. When visiting Granada, include Sevilla in your plans. The connection is easy, direct and fast via train or bus. Sevilla is a synonym for bull fights and flamenco. Expect nothing less!


Further up north, a bit colder, yet magnificent. This is my home: Barcelona. You can find all my articles on Barcelona here. It’s worth it to visit all year long (except New Year’s Eve. New Years Eve is nothing too special in Barcelona, in my opinion).

Prague (snowy fairyland)

In winter times the old town is less busy and usually the city is covered in snow and ice. It is a real romantic city break. Wander along the famous saint James bridge. Join a tour all the way up in Prague’s castle. It’s a beautiful view from here. The castle is part of key moments of Czech history. We really recommend to take the Castle tour here to learn about the Defenestrations of Prague. The citizens literally throw their politicians out of the window