The Most Beautiful Places in The Netherlands You didn’t know existed

The Most Beautiful Places in The Netherlands You didn’t know existed: Boekhandel Dominicanen Maastricht, Bourtange, The Hunebedden, Kasteel de Haar, Markthal Rotterdam.

Boekhandel Dominicanen Maastricht

A dull, squat pinnacle of books ascends inside the bounds of a 700-year-old church, offering an unmistakable difference between the vaulted and frescoed roofs and present day dark metal stacks. UK paper The Guardian voted it the most delightful bookshop on the planet in 2008. ‘Cause they, you know, have eyes.


A more epic contrasting option to the Amsterdam-contiguous Pampus island’s WWII post ruins by Castle Muiden, this intricate system of grass-bulwark protected canals encompassing a small town apparently solidified in time were built to keep out the Germans in the late sixteenth century. Presently it’s intended to bait voyagers in, with galleries, shops, and bistros (and even a little, notable lodging) in an exemplary setting. It’s a prevalent spot for weddings; make an effort not to be shocked. Amid the mid year months, expect some costumed stimulation.

The Hunebedden

The carefully arranged piles of massive Scandinavian boulders, known as “giants’ beds” or dolmens, are the most impressive evidence of megalithic culture in the Netherlands.

Kasteel de Haar

This well-renovated mishmash of neo-gothic Dutch gables and towers is actually the country’s biggest castle, and was property of the prominent van Zuylen family from the 1400s until 2000. The arrangement sort of creates a cave beneath (which you can totally crawl around inside) that was probably used as a burial chamber. Don’t worry, any bodies are long gone — except those of the mostly domestic tourists playing hide and seek with their families. And you.

Markthal Rotterdam

The city of present day design that gets blended audits from whatever remains of the nation got it unequivocally right when it opened the emphatically huge fresh out of the box new Markthal in October 2014. The roof of the long, glass-topped passage, 34-meters high, is brightened with a variety of larger than average sustenance and plants in an uproar of hues. What’s more, the sustenance sold at many stands underneath is pretty frickin’ exquisite, as well. Prepared to be envious? A cluster of serendipitous sons of guns get the chance to live in the luxury new condos incorporated with the working also.