Beautiful Cities in Belgium You Must Visit Once in Your Life

Belgium is a very small European country but it packs an enormous punch. Beautiful Cities in Belgium You must Visit Once in Your Life.


Leuven sits in the shadows of the larger city of Brussels, trying to keep the secret of this beautiful town to itself. It’s a university town, hence its reputation for having the longest bar in Europe!


Closeby to Leuven, you could visit the two towns in the one day if time was an issue. It has one of the most beautiful old-world bequinages, and one of the oldest (still operating) breweries right in the heart of the city.


Dinant is 97 km from Brussels and whilst trains run here, taking about 1 hour 30 minutes, it’s probably best as part of a road trip. We drove from Dinant to Leuven, then Mechelen.


Ieper (or Ypres) is the city to visit if you are interested in exploring the history of the world wars. Ieper was a prominent city during these times and was actually destroyed several times over itself.


Built on the canals, it has a cosmopolitan feel about it, especially in summer. The waterways are lined with people enjoying the outdoors, sunning themselves on decks whilst drinking the ever present (and ever so good) Belgian beers.