Beautiful California and Tourist Attractions

California, the golden state, offers some of the most beautiful and spectacular sights and places to visit! Just browse through these awesome pictures and be amazed by it’s beauty.

Pfeiffer Beach

Pfeiffer Beach is a quiet, beautiful and unusual beach in California. The locals visit the area regularly but to the tourist, the beach is still fairly unknown. The sand at the beach is an unusual purple color and this is caused by the manganese garnet particles that get washed down from the neighboring hillside.

San Diego

Along the coast of the Pacific Ocean is the vibrant and gorgeous city of San Diego. There are plenty of beautiful beaches to explore which when tempered with the mild climate of the area make this a fantastic place to visit. San Diego has the nickname “America’s Finest City” which should say it all really.

Lava Beds National Monument

There are 25 lava tube caves that you can visit when you are in Tulelake. When you climb down into the caves it will be like nothing you have experienced before. The caves have tubes that are made out of lava and a visitor center that explains their creation.

McWay Falls

McWay Falls is an 80 foot waterfall that is located in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. The fall is actually classed as tide fall due to its close proximity to the ocean. The waterfall used to flow directly into the ocean but following a landslide in 1985 the terrain was altered and it now flows into an inaccessible beach.

San Francisco

San Francisco is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and is famous for the stunning Golden Gate Bridge, colorful  houses from the Victorian age and the last remaining cable cars. The city has many huge skyscrapers that make for a beautiful view. Just off the coast is Alcatraz Island which was home to the famous prison.