Attractions Nebraska and Best Places

Long overlooked as a travel destination, Nebraska is a state of warm-hearted people, interesting natural attractions, and inviting cities. Lincoln, the state capitol, and Omaha are the two main population centers. Each of these are worth a visit, with old historic areas to wander through and vibrant cultural scenes to enjoy. The Nebraska landscape also holds some fascinating attractions for those who take the time to explore it, from Chimney Rock to the beautiful scenery of the Sandhills.

Scotts Bluff National Monument

This imposing natural structure can be seen from far and wide across the Nebraska prairies. It was used as a landmark by Native Americans who inhabited the area, and later by travelers who passed by here in the mid 19th century, including pioneers making their way west on the California, Oregon, and Mormon Trails.The national monument was first founded in 1919, and many improvements to the area have been made over the years.

Golden Spike Tower in North Platte

The Golden Spike Tower offers a bird’s eye view out over the Bailey Yard, officially certified as the world’s largest railroad yard. More than 150 trains and 10,000 rail cars a day enter this yard. The tower rises eight stories and is fully enclosed in glass. Beyond the Bailey Yard, the full expanse of the Platte river valley unfolds as visitors look out from the viewing area.

Indian Cave State Park

Beautiful and intriguing petroglyphs showing nature scenes and wildlife line the walls of the cave at this state park. The picturesque setting of the park on the banks of the Missouri River also makes it a popular destination for camping.


Certainly one of Nebraska’s quirkier attractions, Carhenge duplicates the more familiar Stonehenge, but is constructed with automobiles. Thirty-nine cars arranged in all different positions jut out of the prairie grasslands and so perfectly replicate the real Stonehenge that the summer solstice event happens here in the same manner as it does in England.

A Scenic Driving Tour of the Sandhills

The Sandhills region of Nebraska is a paradise for nature lovers. Covering one quarter of the state, it consists of dunes, some reaching 300 feet high, along with grasslands, and shallow lakes. A driving tour through the Sandhills, often described as one of the most scenic in the USA, is a great way to explore the area.