Bridges In The World

Most Amazing Bridges In The World

In literature, bridges often represents an obstacle that must be controlled or transformed from one state to another. Conceivably that’s why many people are so attracted to them. Or maybe it’s just that these architectural wonders are often so noticeable, we can’t help but stand in reverence. Thus we a list of the most iconic, significant, special bridges in the world.



1. Puente de la Mujer – Argentina

The Puente de la Mujer was designed by renowned architect Santiago Calatrava. It is well- known for its swinging footbridge, which rotates 90 degrees. The bridge’s uneven design signifies to evoke a couple dancing the tango.


2. Brooklyn Bridge – New York

Did you know, Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the U.S.? Also it is a National Historic Landmark, and one of the New York’s most trending attractions.

3. Helix Bridge – Singapore

The Helix Bridge has a design like a strand of DNA, and is considered as the world’s first curved bridge. The pedestrian-only bridge is designed with an illuminated walkway bundled in four spirals of glass and steel.

4. Langkawi Sky Bridge – Malaysia

Langkawi Sky Bridge is the longest free span and curved suspension bridge in the world. Hanging 2,200 feet — in the air, offers you wonderful view of the lush green jungle.

5. Tsing Ma – Hong Kong

The Tsing Ma bridge connects Hong Kong and Lantau Island. It is the longest suspension bridge that carries both rail and road traffic. You need to check it from the viewing platform at the Lantau Link Visitor Centre or from Ma Wan Beach.

6. Millau Viaduct Bridge – France

The Millau Viaduct is the world’s highest vehicular bridge, rising 1,125 feet — taller than the Eiffel Tower. It has been a regional tourist attraction and admirer for the architectural wonder.

7. Golden Gate Bridge – California

The Golden Gate Bridge has been named one of the Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers. The 4,200-foot-long suspension span is flooded with cars, pedestrians and bikers when the city is covered with notorious fog.

8. Sydney Harbour Bridge – Sydney, Australia

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is Nicknamed “The Coathanger” for its arched design and possess number of records, including the sixth longest spanning-arch bridge in the world, the tallest steel arch bridge, etc.

9. Vasco da Gama Bridge – Portugal

Vasco da Gama Bridge is named after the famous Portuguese explorer- Vasco da Gama. It stretches 11 miles over the Tagus and is the longest in Europe.

10. Golden Bridge – Vietnam

The Golden Bridge is a 490-foot-long pedestrian bridge, located in the Bà Nà Hills of central Vietnam.And the area around the bridge is the site of an American army base.

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