About South France

Southern France, famously labelled as the most romanticized part of the European Continent, speaks volumes of ancient and modern history alike, coupled with unmatched charming beauty, and the rich and energetic vibes of the ever moving city life. To plan a vacation to this magnificent landscape, travel blogs and trip advisors put forth their “not-to-be missed” spots that will ensure that a getaway to this part of the world unfolds to be an experience of a lifetime.

To start with the planning of such a worthwhile vacation, one has to carefully see what the best time to visit that place is. In case of South of France, May through till September offers an exceptionally pleasant weather whereas November till January is considered too cold. The most opted for period however is that of mid-June, and it is during this time that a huge turnover of tourists flock the different beautiful regions of Southern France.
Clearly, Southern France provides a combination of the new and ancient. Hence, a vacation here must capture both of these features. For absolute scenic beauty, the gorgeous ancient village of St-Guilhem-Le-Desert recently selected by UNESCO World Heritage site as well), La Bambouseraie: a giant home to European bamboo forests and tropical plants, and Cerque de Navacelles: the stunning ox-bow canyon make it to the top of the list.

Similarly, with regards to heritage sightseeing, South of France is a delightful treat. Of these treats, Arles displays the historic 17th century mansions opposite to a flowing river, the Avignon’s Pope Palace’s papal and ceremonial compartments parade a balance of culture and history altogether into one, the Carcassonne poses to be a striking historical monument of the medieval era, and the city of Nimes, which has been the centre of Roman Emperors, stands as a testament to their brilliant monuments such as the Maison Caree, the Temple of Diana the Amphitheatre.

While the scenic and cultural divisions of Southern France form the core ingredients of a vacation to this region, one cannot dare miss the modern aspect of it. The city of Nice, the only standing rival to Paris, is a must; with its go-to places like Matisse Museum, Russian Cathedral, Promenade des Anglais and Vieux Nice. It is as they: you think of South of France and Nice is the place to go! On the other hand, Montpellier is another site to visit with its emerging hi-tech business sector, modern means of communications, extraordinary contemporary building structures and a man-made Mediterranean beach. Moreover, for some glitzy and fiery fun, Southern France has it all covered too. For one, the beach at St. Topez is categorized as the best in the world, perhaps only second to Monaco definitely. The Baziers’ Fera Festival showcases celebrations with fireworks, dancing, bullfights, flower markets and street processions. It really brings out the exciting nature of Southern France.
A vacation to South of France promises a chance to get close to nature, history and culture and luxury. It is admittedly a complete package!