Visit in Kochi

5 Top Attractions and Places to Visit in Kochi

5 Top Places to Visit in Kochi.

1. Chinese Fishing Nets

The iconic Chinese Fishing Nets, undoubtedly Kochi’s most recognizable sight, have been there since the 14th century and are remarkably still in use today.

2. Mattancherry

Mattancherry is an atmospheric old neighborhood in Fort Kochi that’s full of colonial buildings.

3. Jew Town

In the heart of Mattancherry, between Mattancherry Dutch Palace and the Pardesi Jewish Synagogue, is a quaint aromatic area called Jew Town.

4. Princess Street

Fort Kochi’s main tourist strip, Princess Street is one of the oldest streets in Fort Kochi.

5. St Francis Church

This landmark church, located close to Princess Street in Fort Kochi, is believed to be the oldest European-built church in India.