5 Things To Do in Elche The City of Spain

5 Things To Do in Elche: The Spectacle of Palm Grove, Visit the Palm Grove Museum, A Stroll in the Green Heart of Elche, Walk in the Jardin Huerto del Cura, Explore the Municipal Park.

1. The Spectacle of Palm Grove

The moment you step foot within the territories of city, you’ll get carried away by the immense Palm Grove which makes for a unique urban landscape with more than 200,000 palm trees.

2. Visit the Palm Grove Museum

A lovely place to trace the history, traditions and management of the centuries-old Palm Grove, the best example of a public palm grove which happens to be the best in Europe and the city’s biggest.

3. A Stroll in the Green Heart of city

Appreciate the magnificent Palmeral of city that was planted almost 3000 years ago or walk under the shades of hundreds of years old trees, you’ll feel refreshed and invigorated amidst all the traditional sightseeing.

4. Walk in the Jardin Huerto del Cura

One of the most popular palm parks in Elche, the Huerto del Cura spans 13,000 square meters of area with over 500 palm trees, including the unique Imperial Palm Tree, which is truly a botanical rarity with seven branches magnificently originating from a single trunk.

5. Explore the Municipal Park

Europe’s largest date palm grove, the Municipal Park of Elche is a perfect place to enjoy both the sun and the shade, with thousands of tall palm trees, water features, and a bandstand.