5 Fun Things to Do in Tokyo on Your Very First Visit

Tokyo has been on the highest point of everybody’s movement list for whatever length of time that we can recollect. Yet, what precisely would you be able to do there? Here are a few things that you completely need to do on your first visit to the dynamic city!

1. Get your freak on at the robot restaurant

If humans aren’t your thing, at that point for what reason does not experiment with the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku? This eatery is genuinely a one of a kind, exceptional feasting background that you truly can’t discover anyplace else on the planet.

2. Take a piss at Piss Alley

Affirm I’m joking, yet this one is so not for those with blackout stomachs. Piss Alley, or in less disgusting terms, Memory Lane, got its name from individuals… well… urinating everywhere throughout the rear way.

3. Get hot and steamy at an onsen

Relax those muscles of yours as you slide your body into the hot springs of Tokyo. Onsen is in abundance in this nation, so it’s truly simple to discover one around! Likewise, it’d be a significant ordeal to be stripped among a much greater heap of exposure, wouldn’t you say? (Partitioned by sexual orientation, obviously.

4. Visit the only DisneySea in the world

Alright, so this isn’t entirely in Tokyo, however, it is comfortable edges, situated at Urayasu, Chiba. What’s more, how might you not give a standout amongst the most otherworldly places on the planet a visit?

5. Travel back in time at the Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace is home to the Emperor of Japan, and us average citizens have the benefit to navigate around the external grounds of the royal residence. Simply take a gander at that design, and feel yourself being transported a tad back in time!