5 Best Places to Visit in Slovakia

Slovakia, in Central Europe, fringes the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria, and Ukraine, and is an energetic blend of relaxed bistro culture and winding avenues, and truly amazing towns with tough manors, Gothic houses of worship, and sprawling rich woodlands.


Referred to prevalently as a spa town, come to Pieštàny for some rest and unwinding as you bathe in the therapeutic warm waters and in addition the sulphuric mud, said to fix various ills. The spa is situated on the relevantly named Spa Island and highlights a scope of medicines and showers that make utilization of the geothermal properties made by mineral stores from the encompassing mountains.


Found close to the fringes of the Czech Republic and Poland, the city of Žilina has a truly notable focus acclaimed for its curious houses of worship and additionally the stupendous perspectives of the encompassing Mala Fatra Mountains. For craftsmanship darlings, there is the Powerhouse Museum of Art Žilina which highlights both great and contemporary pieces that give a knowledge into the people customs of the district.


The city of Trencín close to the outskirt with the Czech Republic is notable locale known for the commanding yet excellent Trencín Castle that lies on a stone and which is medieval in style and is part into two destinations, the upper and lower parts of the stronghold.


Very much cherished in Slovakia because of its status as an occasion resort, this city in the north of Slovakia is otherwise called a passage point to the High Tatra Mountains by means of the Tatra Electric Railway that starts in Poprad.

Stará Lubovna

This city is maybe best known as the home of the popular Stará Lubovna Open Air Museum, otherwise called the Museum of Folk Architecture, which includes the adjacent Lubovna Castle and additionally customary littler abodes and beautiful period houses.