Top Things to Do in Hanover

How we Rank Things to Do in Hanover. 1. Herrenhäuser Gärten Proof that Hanover is not all buttoned-down business is the grandiose baroque Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen, about 5km north of the city center, which are considered one of the most important historic garden landscapes in Europe. 2. Sprengel Museum The Sprengel Museum is held in extremely high esteem, both ...

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Best Things to Do in Dusseldorf

Things to Do

From amazing art and architecture to word class shopping, here is an overview of Düsseldorf’s most interesting things to see. How we Rank Things to Do in Dusseldorf. 1. Altstadt The heart of Düsseldorf lies in its Altstadt (Old Town). Set between the shopping boulevard Königsallee and the river Rhine, the Altstadt is the perfect starting point to explore and ...

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5 Things to Do in Nuremberg

Nuremberg is the second-largest city in Bavaria and the unofficial capital of Franconia. How We Rank Things to Do. 1. KOENIGSTRASSE & OPEN AIR MARKETS Nuremberg Old Town is easy to get around. I simply followed the walking street, also known as Koenigstrasse and saw all the major sights. 2. NUREMBERG FOOD AND BEER The great local dish is the ...

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Best Places to Visit In Leipzig

Visit In Leipzig

Leipzig is a place with lots to do and a pretty splendid multicultural scene. You Planning for Visit In Leipzig? Check out the post about what to do in Leipzig. 1. Leipzig Market Square The Leipzig Market Square marks the old city center. The massive space is nearly a hectare in area, and it contains several shops and restaurants. 2. ...

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Best Places to Visit In Bonn

You Planning for Visit In Bonn? Check out the post about what to do in Bonn. 1. Bonn Botanic Gardens and Poppelsdorf Palace The Poppelsdorf Palace was erected in 1740 in Baroque style. Today it is used by university as an important research place of botany. 2. The Art and Exhibition Hall The Bundeskunsthalle is a unique venue. Since its ...

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Best Places to Visit In Cologne

Visit In Cologne

Cologne is multifaceted city. At a glance, it is a vibrant, modern metropolis sprawled across the river Rhine; at a second look, it is a city boasting a 2000-year history stretching back to its days as an important Roman city. Top 5 Places To Visit In Cologne. 1. Marvel at Cologne Cathedral The epitome of high gothic architecture, Cologne Cathedral’s ...

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Best Places to Visit In Dresden

Visit In Dresden

The 1945 bombing left the city in ruins – including the landmarks. Nowadays, all of the buildings are standing again. While the Old Town offers spectacular sights during the day, the Neustadt district really comes alive at night. Are You Planning for Visit In Dresden? Check out the post about what to do in Dresden. 1. THE OLD TOWN The ...

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Best Places to Visit In Stuttgart

Visit In Stuttgart

Stuttgart is the capital city of Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany and has a reputation among Germans as a city full of well-dressed and extremely competitive professionals. Top 5 Best Places to Visit In Stuttgart. 1. Mercedes Benz Museum This museum is somewhat of a pilgrimage site for car enthusiasts – and it’s no wonder. Every floor of the building, which ...

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Best Things To Do in Hamburg

Things To Do

Most of Hamburg’s attractions, such as the Hamburger Kunsthalle, Miniatur Wunderland, and the trendy HafenCity neighborhood, are clustered in the city center and Harbour districts. How we rank Things to Do. 1. Alter Elbtunnel The Alter Elbtunnel is a pedestrian, bike and motorist tunnel, which travels underneath the River Elbe and connects central Hamburg to the southern side of the ...

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5 Tourist Attractions in Frankfurt

The city is known for its exceptional number of fine museums covering art, science, and history. Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Frankfurt are given below. 1. The Römerberg In the heart of Frankfurt’s Old Town, the Römerberg is an irregularly shaped square with the Justice Fountain at its center. 2. The Museum District Frankfurt’s Museum District, on the south bank ...

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